On Wednesday, March 24th, Richard Littmann, the second PhD student from AdONE to do so, successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations! His thesis is titled "Pricing in Non-Convex Markets". We wish you all the best for your future, Richard! [more]

Prof. Simge Küçükyavuz (Northwestern University): Mixed-Integer Convex Programming for Statistical Learning – In the first part of this talk, we consider the problem of learning an optimal directed acyclic graph (DAG) from continuous observational data. We cast this problem in the form of a mathematical programming model which can naturally incorporate a super-structure to reduce the set of candidate DAGs. We use the penalized negative... [more]

Prof. Ho-Yin Mak (University of Oxford): Dimensionality Reduction for Stochastic Optimization – Modern data science applications often involve high-dimensional data. A common approach involves first performing dimensionality reduction on the data, and then subsequently solving the optimization problem with the low-dimensional representation. However, standard dimensionality reduction methods are designed to maximize the amount of... [more]

Prof. Reha Uzsoy (North Carolina State University): Fast Approximate Solutions for Capacitated Production Planning Under Uncertain Demand – The effective management of supply chains producing physical goods requires coordination of the production systems manufacturing the goods, the inventories held for different reasons throughout the supply chain and the logistics systems that move the goods from origin to destination. Despite the... [more]

Prof. Ana Barbosa-Póvoa (University of Lisbon): Designing and Planning Sustainable Supply Chains – Sustainable Supply Chains are complex network systems of entities that manage products from suppliers to customers and associated returns while considering simultaneously social, environmental and economic objectives. The management of such systems has recently gained a significant importance as companies face the task of incorporating... [more]

Prof. Thibaut Vidal (University of Rio de Janeiro): Born-Again Tree Ensembles: Seeing the Forest for the Trees – The use of machine learning algorithms in finance, medicine, or criminal justice can deeply impact human lives. As a consequence, research into interpretable machine learning has rapidly grown in an attempt to better control and fix possible sources of mistakes and biases. Tree ensembles offer a good prediction quality in... [more]

On December 3rd, several AdONE PhD students and associated members attended a virtual workshop on "Gender and the scientific career", led by Dr. Neela Enke from Scienza Science Coaching, Berlin. The aims of the workshop were to build awareness of gender-related issues in the academic career, explore unconscious mechanisms of gender bias, and to improve the participants' own handling of these issues through self-reflection and assessment.... [more]

As the first AdONE member to do so, Layla Martin successfully defended her PhD thesis on November 26th, 2020. Her thesis is titled "Rebalancing in Shared Mobility Systems – Competition, Feature-Based Mode Selection and Technology Choice". Congratulations on obtaining your Doctorate, Layla! . [more]

Prof. Margarida Carvalho (University of Montreal): "Correlated, Nash and Stackelberg for integer programming representable games" – Integer programming games (IPGs) are flexible models allowing to describe the interaction of rational players. From the practical point of view, they can suitably model the interactions of decision makers in economics, healthcare, and international agreements, to name few. From the theoretical perspective,... [more]

Annually, the GOR (Gesellschaft für Operations Research e.V.) honors outstanding diploma and master’s theses in the field of Operations Research with the GOR Master’s Thesis Prize, which this year was awarded to Pia Ammann, PhD student associated to AdONE. In her thesis, Pia developed an efficient and competitive Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search for a highly constrained Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem arising in the charter bus... [more]