We develop new mathematical models and computational methods for efficient resource allocation and coordination among multiple parties in dynamic logistics networks, transportation, and mobility systems.

Our work is at the intersection of mathematics, computer science, and management science, driven by exciting applications such as airport operations, auction mechanisms for network procurement, autonomous mobility, carsharing systems, production planning, vehicle routing, warehousing & e-commerce.

The PhD program is jointly hosted by the School of Management and the School of Computation, Information and Technology at TUM. We are funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG) as a "Research Training Group".

Stefan Kober becomes PostDoc at the Univerité Libre Bruxelles

Congratulations, Stefan, on the next step in your academic career!

AdONE Seminar 17.07.2023: Andreas Hagn

Andreas Hagn presented "Formation, Scheduling and Routing of Worker Teams for Airport Ground Handling Operations under Uncertainty"

Stefan Kober defended his Ph.D. thesis

AdONE member Stefan Kober successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on July 10, 2023. Congratulations, Stefan!

AdONE Seminar 03.07.2023: Prof. Nadia Lahrichi

Prof. Lahrichi's presentation was about "Stochastic tabu search and improvements, application for physician scheduling"

AdONE Seminar 26.06.2023: Prof. Kate Smith-Miles

Prof. Smith-Miles talked about "Optimization in the Darkness of Uncertainty: when you don't know what you don't know, and what you do know isn't much!"

AdONE Seminar 19.06.2023: Prof. Sophie Parragh

Prof. Parragh gave a presentation about "Column generation based approaches for the electric autonomous dial-a-ride problem"