DFG Graduiertenkolleg / Research Training Group

Advanced Optimization in a Networked Economy (AdONE)


Prof. Andreas S. Schulz: "Traffic paradoxes and route guidance: Ways of reducing congestion effects?" [mehr]

Prof. Rainer Kolisch: "Flexible Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling" [mehr]

Prof. Susanne Albers: "Algorithms for Resource Management Problems" [mehr]

Prof. Peter Gritzmann: "Diagrams and Democracy: Electoral District Design via Constrained Clustering" [mehr]

Prof. Martin Bichler (TUM): "Combinatorial First-Price Auctions: Theory and Experiments" [mehr]


Dr. Isabel Koch
AdONE Program Coordinator
Technical University of Munich
Leopoldstr. 145
80804 Munich

Phone: 49-89-289-28383
Email: adone@tum.de