AdONE Seminar: Prof. Péter Biró (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Optimisation in two-sided matching markets under preferences

Prof. Péter Biró

In this talk we will survey the results of four recent research projects, where we applied integer programming approach for solving matching problems under preferences. The first application is the Hungarian university admission, where the standard Gale-Shapley setting is enriched with the presence of ties, lower quotas, common quotas, and paired applications. The second application is the CEMS business project allocation at Corvinus University with special distributional requirements. Then, we present a general cutoff-based solution concept, motivated by an application of distributing funding for PhD-students under two-sided preferences at a university in Sydney. In the last project we studied a new solution concept for the school choice problem that we tested with computer simulations on an Estonian kindergarten admission dataset.

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