Science is a collective process in which the quality of research is mainly guaranteed by peer review and public discussion among scholars in the field. The most important currencies in academia are thus publications in peer-reviewed journals, and having these articles cited by other scholars.

In order to anchor this quality assurance in doctoral training as well, doctoral candidates at TUM are required to present their research publicly to experts in the field at least once. As a rule, this is done by submitting peer reviewed publications or conference papers that were subject to a peer review process.

Please ask your Graduate Center early on about specific regulations for your field and the recognized publications and journals, if applicable.

Publishing Your Dissertation

After successfully completing your doctorate, you are required to publish your dissertation. The University Library at TUM can help you publish your dissertation quickly and in a high-profile manner. The traditional method is to publish it as a book, through a publishing house. You will need to submit four copies of your dissertation to the University Library with an ISBN.

Alternatively, all candidates now have the opportunity to publish their dissertation electronically only.

You can find comprehensive information on the TUM University Library web pages.