PrepDoc Program 2024

You have a passion for research and consider a doctoral degree from your Alma Mater, TUM? Would you like to know how to approach a potential supervisor and explore the various paths to a doctorate?

Look no further than the PrepDoc program, offered by the TUM Graduate School, designed to provide invaluable insights into planning for your doctorate. Whether it's understanding funding opportunities, identifying suitable supervisors, refining research strategies, or delving into other crucial aspects before embarking on your doctoral journey at TUM, this program has you covered.

The program for TUM master’s students is entirely free of charge and comprises a comprehensive lineup of events:

  • Introductory Event: Join our introductory event (Main campus or Garching/hybrid) where we share important information about the doctoral process at TUM and insights from TUM doctoral candidates and alumni.
  • Workshops: Dive deeper into specific topics such as international mobility or doing a doctorate as a first-generation academic, with a series of workshops (virtual/hybrid/in person), each addressing crucial elements of doctoral research and academia. Attend as many workshops as you like, tailored to your interests and schedule.
  • Networking Opportunities: Seize your chance to expand your professional network and benefit from exchanging with TUM doctoral candidates and academics.

Stay informed by regularly visiting our website for updates. You can register for workshops in your area of interest and kick-start your doctoral journey at TUM!

Our events and workshops take place between 25 April and 17 May 2024.

Are you currently finishing your Master’s Degree? You have a passion for research and a doctorate may be an interesting option for you? Are you considering staying at TUM for your further journey into research and science?

Join us for our two introductory events, “Your doctorate at TUM” as part of our extensive PrepDoc program, either at TUM campus Garching-Forschungszentrum (hybrid) or at the TUM main campus in Munich City Center. We will introduce you to the unique doctoral model of TUM, as well as to the tailor-made services and offerings by the TUM Graduate School. We will also talk about the different paths and possibilities of becoming a doctoral candidate, different ways of financing your doctorate, and what it takes to become a doctoral candidate at TUM.

We are thrilled to welcome our guest speakers, Prof. Johannes Betz (Garching) and Prof. Ruth Müller (Munich), who will share their own personal insights on the reasons, possibilities and opportunities that a doctorate may offer. In addition, current doctoral candidates will talk about their doctoral journey so far and share their personal experiences of doing a doctorate at TUM.

A doctorate at TUM offers an exciting possibility to enhance your skillset, work with experts in your research field, learn new techniques and methods and contribute to research projects, but it also opens up new career opportunities and perspectives. So come along, especially if you are still undecided if a doctorate at TUM is the right choice for you!

Participation is only possible upon registration – please register for one of the events below:

Event 1: Your doctorate at TUM – TUM campus Garching-Forschungszentrum/ hybrid

  • When? Tuesday, 30.04.2024, 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Where? TUM Graduate School, Boltzmannstrasse 17, Garching; Ground Floor, Room E003 or hybrid via Zoom
  • Registration:
  • Contact: TUM Graduate School Welcome Office

This event will be held in English.

Event 2: Your doctorate at TUM – TUM main campus Munich City Center

This event will be held in English.

- an event by the Graduate Center of the TUM School of Life Sciences -

For all interested or undecided students, the Graduate Center of Life Sciences offers an information event about a doctorate at TUM School of Life Sciences on Freising Campus.

On the agenda:

  • How to find a doctoral position
  • How to find a supervisor
  • How to fund your doctorate
  • How to apply for the doctoral candidacy list
  • Being a member in the TUM Graduate School
  • Being a member in the Graduate Center of Life Sciences
  • Training elements and milestones in the mandatory qualification program
  • Overview of Graduate Center of Life Sciences services and financial support
  • Meet and Greet with the Weihenstephan Doctoral Representatives
  • Q&A session

Please register via e-mail in order to participate.

- in cooperation with the TUM Graduate Council -

The relationship between doctoral candidates and supervisors is unique in several ways. For many doctoral candidates, their supervisor will not only be involved in the scientific work, but at the same time be their employer, provide professional guidance and introduce them to the scientific and academic world. Due to this important relationship, choosing a supervisor for your doctoral research should be a conscious decision.

We will discuss various questions relating to the choice of your supervisor and doctoral supervision, such as:

  • What are the factors to take into account when considering a scientifically well-respected supervisor?
  • What is the difference between supervision at large chairs and small chairs?
  • How is the TUM supervision agreement implemented into your daily research life? 

After a short presentation, the workshop will be driven by questions from the participants. Representatives from the TUM Graduate Council will share their experiences and provide first-hand insight into the daily interaction between doctoral candidates and supervisors.

Please register through the link below in order to participate.

- in cooperation with the TUM University Library -

Proficiency in literature research is a key skill for the success of your doctoral project.

In this course, provided by the university library, we will show you how to find literature databases that are important for your field, and develop targeted search strategies for literature. You also learn how to access the researched material, quote correctly and publish electronically on our media server mediaTUM.

Course Content:

  • Develop a search strategy
  • Find journal articles and papers in subject-specific literature databases
  • Tips for citing
  • Publish your doctoral thesis on mediaTUM

This workshop is hosted by the university library, please register below to participate.

The first in the family to study or do a doctorate? Statistics show that this is by no means a matter of course. First Generation Academics are less likely to pursue higher education after completing their secondary education – and the percentage of First Generation Academics decreases even further by the time they reach the doctoral phase.

First Generation Academics in the TUM Community have already overcome many challenges and forged their personal path. With our new event format for Master's students and doctoral candidates, we want to further support First Generation Academics by creating a networking opportunity, talking about possible challenges of First Generation Academics during the doctorate, and providing tools to overcome them. The program includes brief insights into topics such as the ‚Leaky Pipeline‘ and ‚Impostor Syndrome‘, practical tips, and an introduction to support services. Additionally, successful First Generation Academics will share their experiences and there will be plenty of time for exchange and networking.

The event will be conducted in both German and English. While passive understanding of German is recommended, contributions to discussions can be shared in English

Please register through the link below in order to participate.

Are you interested in pursuing a doctorate but uncertain about how to finance it? Join our workshop, "How to Fund My Doctorate," where we'll delve into the various funding options available for financing a doctorate at TUM/in Germany.

In this session, we'll cover essential topics such as the administrative implications of scholarships and employment contracts. We'll also explore the practical aspects of how funding can impact your everyday work within the chair/research group, your relationship with your supervisor, and your overall role in the academic environment at TUM.

Key Questions We'll Address:

  • What are my options for doctoral financing at TUM?
  • How can I enhance my chances of securing financing?
  • What are the implications of different funding models?

This workshop will follow an interactive format, allowing ample time for participants to discuss their individual questions related to doctoral financing.

Please register through the link below in order to participate.

- during TUM Global Week 13th -17th May 2024 -

Are you a master's student or doctoral candidate eager to globalize your academic journey? We cordially invite you to our informative and networking event, "Internationalize Your Doctorate."

This event is designed to offer valuable insights and guidance on incorporating an international dimension into your doctoral journey. Our agenda covers crucial topics such as information on funding opportunities provided by the TUM Graduate School for research stays and participation in international conferences. You'll also have the chance to connect with alumni from TUM's research exchange programs, gaining valuable networking opportunities for doctoral candidates.

Additionally, we'll provide practical advice on how to initiate contact with scientists and research facilities abroad. To enhance your perspective, alumni as well as our current guest doctoral candidates at TUM will share firsthand insights into our partner universities, giving you a sneak peek into research and the everyday life on the campuses of our partner universities in Brisbane, Australia, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Please register through the link below in order to participate.

Trainer: Ester Arens, external trainer

Next step: Doctoral project? Is my motivation strong enough? Do I have confidence to master this challenge? What are the requirements? Which abilities do I need? What do I have to consider and plan in advance?

If you want to do a doctorate, you need good preparation! The workshop highlights what is important before and during the introductory phase.

  • Starting your doctoral project
  • Work planning and self-management
  • Requirements and quality criteria

This online-workshop will be held by an external trainer and the number of participants will be limited to 12, please register for the workshop through the provided link. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail that your registration has been successful. Registered participants will receive an e-mail with the Zoom-Link a few days before the workshop. Please mind that this workshop will be held in German.