Joint supervision and exchange programs

The TUM Graduate School encourages international networking and collaboration of its doctoral candidates and has therefore established joint supervision and exchange programs with key strategic partner institutions worldwide.

There are two different types of international programs. The Research Exchange program supports short-term research stays (max. 6 months) under the supervision of a suitable faculty member at partner institutions. Further, exchange candidates may also participate in graduate courses offered by the partner. The Joint Supervision program on the other hand requires the co-supervision of the doctoral research project from the start of the dissertation and is usually initiated by existing research collaborations of the research groups. Other program requirements are usually a 12-months research stay at the partner and the involvement of both co-supervisors in the thesis examination. The joint supervision will be mentioned on the doctoral diploma upon successful completion of the joint supervision program. However, for TUM candidates only TUM will award its doctoral degree. TUM does not conduct any joint/double degree programs with the award of one joint doctoral degree.

TUM-UofAlberta Joint Supervision Program

The newly established TUM-University of Alberta Joint Supervision Program enables participating TUM doctoral candidates to do a 6-12 months research stay at the University of Alberta under the supervision of their co-supervisor. [more]

TUM.Africa Talent

The newly established TUM.Africa Talent research exchange and networking program brings together doctoral candidates from the sub-Saharan Africa region with senior researchers and doctoral candidates at TUM. [more]

TUM-Tsinghua Research Exchange

The TUM-Tsinghua Research Exchange Program offers TUM doctoral candidates the opportunity to do a 3-6 months research stay at China's leading university for many years in a row. [more]

TUM-UQ Research Exchange Program

To foster international mobility of their doctoral candidates, TUM and the University of Queensland have established a research exchange program for doctoral candidates to support short-term research stays at the partner institution. [more]

TUM-UQ Joint Supervision Program

Within the joint supervision program each doctoral candidate will have a TUM supervisor and a co-supervisor from UQ and do a 12 months research stay at UQ under the guidance of the co-supervisor. [more]

TUM-UNESP Research Exchange Program

The most recently established TUM Graduate School Research Exchange Program enables TUM doctoral candidates to do a 3-6 months research stay at the Universidade Estadual Paulista „Júlio de Mesquita Filho" (UNESP), São Paulo, Brazil. [more]