Guest Doctorate

If you are doing your doctorate at another university (either in Germany or abroad), you may also conduct research at the Technical Unviersity of Munich (TUM) for a limited period of time as a guest doctoral candidate.

Please note that the TUM with the TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) only offers few exchange programs for doctoral candidates. You can find an overview of our TUM-GS exchange programs here: The majority of guest doctoral candidates have to organize their research stay by themselves. In order to do so, please contact a suitable TUM professor to inquire whether he/she will be willing to host you at his/her chair/research group and to supervise your research during your time at TUM. Useful information on how to contact a potential supervisor can be found in the information sheet “how to find a supervisor”.


Guest doctoral candidates do not need to apply for formal admission incl. recognition of their foreign university degree, but may start their research period at TUM anytime after they have found a hosting professor. Details like start date, duration or content of the guest research will be discussed between the hosting professor and the guest doctoral candidate directly.

Please note, that if you are a third-country national already conducting research in an EU/EFTA member state with a residence permit for research purposes, you might fall under the special EU directive (Directive 2016/801/EU). You'll need to check with the German Embassy in the country where you are currently doing research whether you're affected by the new directive. If that is the case, please inform us before your arrival as TUM will need to notify the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of your research stay.

Enrollment as guest doctoral candidate

Doctoral candidates from TUM international partner universities who plan to do a guest research stay of 3 months or longer, may enroll as guest/visiting doctoral students at TUM. An overview of TUM partner universities can be found in the MoveOn International Partner Database, provided by the TUM Global & Alumni Office at: Doctoral candidates in one of officially sponsored TUM-GS exchange programs or who are part of the graduate programs HELENA or HEPP, may enroll as guest doctoral students while conducting research at TUM for at least 3 months. Enrollment is not mandatory.  

The enrollment as guest doctoral student offers the possibility to benefit from student discounts and to obtain the semester ticket for public transport. In case of enrollment, a base fee per semester that includes the Student Union fee and the required solidarity fee for the basic public transportation card must be paid. There are not deadlines for enrollment and you may apply for enrollment as guest doctoral student anytime. Please contact our TUM-GS Welcome Office for further information about guest enrollment.

If you are not doing your doctoral research at one of TUM’s partner universities or in one of the TUM-GS’ exchange programs (incl. HELENA, HEPP), you cannot enroll as guest doctoral student and cannot benefit from student discounts! However, you may of course still do a guest research stay at TUM.