Application Steps

Application Process

1. Find a dissertation topic

The first step towards a doctorate is choosing your dissertation topic. You may have your own research idea already, or you may develop it with a researcher at TUM. Writing a research proposal will help you make your research project more specific in terms of objectives and individual steps.

2. Contact potential supervisor

The next step is to find a supervisor for your doctoral project. It is helpful if you can establish a contact while you are still developing your topic. You can then contact the professor or an employee directly with your application materials (CV, cover letter, etc.) and a research proposal for your project. You can find a good overview of potential supervisors on the department web pages or under the TUM professor profiles.  

3. Secure funding

You will not be charged any fees for a doctorate at TUM. The costs of doctoral education are covered by the German state. However, you will need to secure your living expenses. An overview of all the funding options can be found on the Funding pages

4. Contact a Graduate Center

Together with your supervisor, identify the appropriate Graduate Center at TUM and discuss all further (administrative) steps.

5. Conclude a supervision agreement

After establishing that you can be admitted to a suitable Graduate Center, conclude a supervision agreement with your supervisor that specifies the parameters for the planned doctorate. You can find the supervision agreement on the website of the respective Graduate Center. The supervision agreement and mentoring section explains how to conclude a supervision agreement.

6. Application for entry into the doctoral candidacy list

Doctoral candidates apply for entry into the doctoral candidacy list using the online platform DocGS. To apply, you will need a completed, signed supervision agreement. Detailed instructions can be found on the pages for doctoral candidates.

7. Enrollment (optional) 

After the entry into the doctoral candidacy list, doctoral candidates may apply for enrollment at TUM for up to 8 semesters. Unlike the entry into the doctoral candidacy list, the enrollment is not mandatory for doctoral candidates. More information on enrollment can be found on the pages for doctoral candidates

Additional information for international applicants

The TUM-GS Welcome Office offers information and support to international TUM applicants.

Please note the rules for recognition of foreign university degrees!

Applying for a guest doctorate

Application for a guest doctorate

If you are completing your doctorate at another university abroad but are also interested in doing parts of your research at TUM for a limited period, you can apply for a guest doctorate. Guest doctoral candidates need a supervisor at TUM, but they do not have to register via DocGS.

Guest doctoral researchers who visit TUM as part of a TUM-GS exchange program can enroll as students at TUM. In this case, please contact the TUM-GS Welcome Office.