TUM distinguishes between entry into the doctoral candidacy list and enrollment as a PhD student. Entry into the doctoral candidacy list is obligatory for all doctoral candidates, while enrollment is voluntary. Enrolled doctoral candidates have to pay a base fee per semester that includes the Student Union fee and the required solidarity fee for the basic public transportation card, valid throughout the entire Munich transit network, EXCEPT for Campus Heilbronn and Straubing!

Doctoral candidates can enroll anytime. However, please note that processing your application can take more time in the summer. Further, please note that in order to maintain your enrollment, you need to pay your semester fees on time which are February 15th for the following summer semester and August 15th for the following winter semester.

Doctoral candidates can enroll at TUM for up to 6 semesters. Naturally, you can continue to work on your doctorate after this time, but you can no longer take advantage of student benefits. Please note that enrollment is only possible after entry into the doctoral candidacy list!

How can I enroll at TUM?

1. For enrollment, please submit an application form via the online platform TUMonline:

  • if you have previously been enrolled at TUM, please submit the application directly with your existing account. Forgot your password?
  • if you are employed at TUM, you can submit your application directly with your TUMonline staff account
  • if you are enrolling for the first time/ are not employed at TUM, please create a new TUMonline account first

2. You will find the application for admission under „applications“ in the section “studies”. Click on “enter new application”.

3. Select the semester for which you want to enroll. Please note that you will be enrolled (based on your submitted documentation) for the semester you have chosen, regardless of when you apply. It is also important to be aware that even if you enroll on the last day of the selected semester, it will count completely as the first of your 6 semesters and the full semester fee will need to be paid.

4. Select „doctoral program“ in the section “select degree program” and your respective department in “degree program”.

5. Complete your personal information.

6. Upload a scan of your ID card / passport and a complete CV in the appropriate places.

7. Download the application for admission, print it out and upload the manually signed version again. Without this step, the online application cannot be processed.

8. Submit you application electronically.

9. Only after successful admission can you upload other documents relevant to enrollment such as your passport photograph (for your student card) and print out the application for enrollment. This signed application is the only document to be submitted by regular mail/ in person to the TUM Admissions Office, Arcisstr. 21, 80333 Munich.

All doctoral candidates who had already been enrolled at a German university for their studies and/or a doctorate need an additional certificate of enrollment from the university they visited last, as well as proof (as a simple copy) of previous periods of study. Those can be listed in a separate course certificate or can often be found in the de-enrollment certificate. These documents should be uploade das well.

TUM graduates do not need this proof.

Please note:

Doctoral candidates who entered into the doctoral candidacy list of their Department before January 1st, 2014 have to submit additional documents:

  • copy of confirmation of entry in doctoral candidacy list
  • certified copy of degree certificate
  • certificate copy of degree diploma

For TUM graduates it is sufficient to submit simple copies instead of certified copies. 

Please send these additional documents together with your signed application form via post to the TUM Immatrikulationsamt (Admissions Office).