TUM-NTU Joint Supervision Program

To strengthen the long-standing successful research partnership and to facilitate doctoral mobility and exchange, TUM and the Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) have established a joint supervision program for doctoral candidates. Within the program, doctoral candidates from TUM and the NTU will benefit from the academic supervision and expertise of a primary supervisor from their home university and a co-supervisor from the partner. 

Key program details

Doctoral candidates from TUM participating in the joint supervision program will be enrolled as non-award doctoral candidates at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) for a research stay of at least 12 months. They are not charged tuition fees, but student services amenities fees may apply. During their research stay, TUM participants may participate in the professional development activities and other doctoral qualification options NTU provides. These courses will be recognized by the graduate center in question at TUM whenever possible.

Candidates participating in the Joint Supervision Program will have at least one supervisor at each institution from the start of their doctoral project. Both supervisors will be jointly responsible for the progress of the doctoral degree work and the thesis supervision and examination. Progression milestones for TUM doctoral candidates will follow TUM guidelines. After successful graduation, TUM doctoral candidates will be awarded the respective TUM doctoral degree. However, TUM will issue a special TUM doctoral diploma mentioning the TUM-NTU joint supervision program and the NTU co-supervisor.

The TUM-NTU Joint Supervision Program is open to TUM doctoral candidates from all disciplines. In order to be eligible for the program the applicant must: 

  • have the approval/support from the TUM supervisor
  • have found a co-supervisor at the NTU
  • be a regular member of the TUM Graduate School (no guest doctoral candidates)
  • have attended the TUM Graduate School Kick-Off Seminar at the time of the anticipated mobility starting date
  • apply within the first 12 months of his or her doctoral registration at TUM

To apply for the program, please 

  1. Contact your (potential) TUM supervisor to discuss your interest in participating in the TUM-NTU Joint Supervision Program. Check with your TUM supervisor whether he/she has any existing contacts at the NTU. 
  2. Check the NTU's website to determine a suitable advisor for you and to arrange your co-supervision and research stay(s).
  3. Once you have the support from a co-supervisor at the NTU, submit your application for participation in the TUM-NTU Joint Doctoral Supervision Program.
  4. Send all required application documents to the Program Exchange Liaison Officer at the TUM Graduate School Management Office.

To apply for the TUM-NTU Joint Doctoral Supervision Program, submit the following application documents via email to the TUM Graduate School Management Office: 

  • Fully completed TUM-NTU Joint Doctoral Supervision Program Application Form
  • Motivation letter why you are applying for the TUM-NTU Joint Doctoral Supervision Program (max. one page), 
  • Support letter from your TUM doctoral supervisor, 
  • Support letter from your NTU co-supervisor,
  • CV,
  • Copy of your master's degree certificate and transcript. 

The application for program admission will open on 1 April 2024.

Application is open throughout the year. Please apply at least 3-4 months before the start date of your intended (first) research stay at the NTU.

Outgoing TUM doctoral candidates participating in the TUM-NTU Joint Supervision Program may apply for the Research@NTU Grant consisting of:

  • one-time travel support of 1,000 Euro (based on the actual ticket price)
  • 400 EUR per month to support accommodation and living expenses in Singapore for research stays for up to 12 months at the NTU

The Research@NTU Grant may be combined with other TUM-GS internationalization funding schemes.

Please note that TUM doctoral candidates based in Singapore at TUMCreate are not eligible for the Research@NTU Grant. Furthermore, the Research@NTU Grant cannot be used for research stays at TUMCreate. 

For all information about the TUM-NTU Joint Supervision Program, please contact: 

Mrs Zizheng Zhang 
International Cooperation & Alliances
TUM Graduate School
Email: zizheng.zhang@tum.de
Phone: +49 89 289 10631