Kick-Off Seminar

During the initial phase of your doctorate, the TUM-GS Kick-Off Seminar provides you with information about academic work and the diverse offerings at your university. You will meet colleagues from other disciplines, which gives you the opportunity to gain new perspectives and to expand your personal network. Experienced trainers offer targeted support for developing personal skills.

Starting in October, 3-day-Kick-Off Seminars will again take place in the Science and Study Center Raitenhaslach. The program includes several interactive parts, a session on „good scientific practice“ (day 1) as well as a transferable skills course (days 2 and 3). The focus is on networking and getting to know each other.

A shuttle and accommodation will be provided for by TUM-GS:

Departure day 1: Arcisstr. 21, main entrance at 9:00 a.m.

Return day 3: Arcisstr. 21, main entrance at approx. 5 p.m.

Individual travel is possible, but will not be reimbursed by TUM-GS. Accommodation will be shared with 1-2 people. You can indicate preferences and food intolerances on the registration form.

Participants will receive detailed information about the program prior to the event.

Please use an official e-mail address for registration to ensure smooth and reliable communication. When using gmail- or gmx-addresses, it is your responsibility to check your spam-folder on a regular basis.

Please read our general terms and conditions carefully, especially regarding cancellations on short notice.

Each Online Kick-Off Seminar consists of two modules:

Module 1 comprises a 3 hour interactive video call. Two members of the TUM-GS Management Office will guide you through the Poster- and Good Scientific Practice-Session. The video call will be conducted with Zoom.

Please note that an individual preparation for the live session is required. We have set up a virtual classroom on the TUM moodle platform. There are videos that you can watch and documents to read. You will find detailed instructions for the individual preparation on the moodle platform. We will send you all necessary information and access codes two weeks prior to the video call.

Module 2 is a transferable skills course with a workload of 14 hours conducted by an external trainer. Those 14 hours can be spread over 2-4 days, depending on the trainer. The trainers use Zoom or comparable online meeting tools. They will send you all necessary information and access codes in time. You have to choose one course out of a list of several topics.

In order to access the TUM moodle platform, you need a TUM ID (or an LMU account). In case you do not have such an ID, you can contact the person responsible for TUM Online at your chair or department to get a “Guest ID”. Ideally, you have the TUM ID before registering, because the setup usually takes some time.

For the video call we use Zoom. Please make sure, that you can use this tool on your laptop or mobile device. You also need a stable internet connection, a camera and microphone.

You can register for the Kick-off seminar via DocGS where you will find the section "Kick-off seminar" in your DocGS profile. Please register for a transferable skills course (Module 2). With the registration for Module 2, you are automatically registered for the corresponding Module 1. Please check your availability for all dates.

Please note the special general terms and conditions for your participation in the online Kick-off seminar

Upcoming kick-off seminars

Kick-Off Seminar No. 1: March 8-10

Kick-Off Seminar No. 2: March 27-29

Kick-Off Seminar No. 3: April 24-26

Kick-Off Seminar No. 4: April 26-28

Kick-Off Seminar No. 5: May 15-17

Kick-Off Seminar No. 6: June 26-28

Kick-Off Seminar No. 7: June 28-30

Kick-Off Seminar No. 8: July 12-14

Kick-Off Seminar No. 9: September 13-15

Kick-Off Seminar No. 10: September 20-22

Kick-Off Seminar No. 11: October 16-18

Kick-Off Seminar No. 12: October 18-20

Kick-Off Seminar No. 13: November 13-15

Kick-Off Seminar No. 14: November 15-17

Kick-Off Seminar No. 15: December 4-6

Kick-Off Seminar No. 16: December 6-8