Subject-specific Qualification

The Graduate Centers offer a diverse range of courses for subject-specific and subject-related further qualification – the ideal way to supplement and deepen your independent academic work. Among other things, the courses include internal department and interdepartmental doctoral colloquia, statistics and software seminars, Summer/Winter Schools and a variety of thematic workshops from external lecturers. Some of the Graduate Centers also offer courses on Good Academic Practice and Scientific Paper Writing, which specifically apply to the corresponding disciplinary practice.

During the course of the doctoral program, each candidate must take a total of 6 semester hours (credits) in subject-specific and subject-related courses. For instance, if you spend 3 years on your doctorate, it is sufficient to take 1 semester credit per semester. Naturally, it is up to you how you divide up the 6 semester credits.

Please research the subject-specific and subject-related offerings in each of the Departmental and Thematic Graduate Centers.