Management Board of the TUM Graduate School

The Management Board decides on the strategic orientation of the TUM Graduate School and creates incentives for its ongoing development. It is chaired by the Director of the TUM Graduate School, who simultaneously holds the office of the TUM Graduate Dean. Four elected Graduate Center spokespersons and a Graduate Council representative with his/her deputy complete the Management Board.

Current members of the Board are:

Graduate Dean

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Bungartz

Chair of Scientific Computing;
Dean of the Department of Informatics

Deputy Graduate Dean

Prof. Dr. Eveline Wittmann

Chair of Vocational Education
TUM School of Education

Committee of Graduate Center Spokespersons

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Protzer

Institute of Virology
TUM School of Medicine


Prof. Dr. Fritz E. Kühn

Chair of Inorganic Chemistry
TUM Department of Chemistry
International Student Advisor of the Department of Chemistry


Prof. Dr. Klaus Bengler

Chair of Ergonomics
TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Representatives of the Graduate Council

Sebastian Straßer

TUM School of Engineering and Design


Baraa Altaha

TUM School of Life Sciences