Objectives & Tasks

Quality & Service

TUM-GS focuses on serving the doctoral candidates at TUM and providing them with optimal tailor-made support. The promotion of science through top-class qualification offerings and the best possible services is an ongoing quality aim. All of the processes at TUM-GS are subject to quality management and continuous improvement.

Qualification & Networking

For academic work and the best career opportunities after completing a doctorate, young academics need qualifications that go beyond merely writing an academic project. More and more complex research subjects require an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary and team-oriented approach as well as extensive active participation in an excellent academic environment. TUM-GS and its Graduate Centers support this through a large number of subject-specific, subject-related and transferable qualification measures and offerings. In addition, TUM-GS supports personal network-building among doctoral candidates in various disciplines.

Structure & Efficiency

There are many paths and steps that lead to a doctorate. From applying to a doctoral program to completing it, the TUM-GS provides doctoral candidates with services to help them structure and efficiently design their doctoral projects. That includes advice on creating a supervision agreement, introductory seminars, peer mentoring, and career orientation events. We work according to the guidelines of good scientific practice and in line with best international standards.

Internationality & Diversity

Scholarship and research have long gone beyond national boundaries. Handling complex questions and solving global problems requires people to work together on international and intercultural teams. Supporting and using a diverse range of talents, as well as ensuring equal access to scholarship and research, are important requirements here. With its offerings, TUM-GS actively supports the mobility of doctoral candidates as well as the participation and inclusion of everyone in the academic community, regardless of gender, nationality, religion and worldview, disability/chronic illness, age or sexual orientation.