Quality Management at TUM Graduate School

With the TUM Graduate School, the Technical University of Munich aims to give the best possible support to doctoral candidates in their personal development and to further enhance their individual skills and research productivity. In line with this objective, TUM specifies uniform standards in the Doctoral Regulations that apply to all doctoral projects at the University. The TUM-GS is the organizational body for implementing these goals and offers qualification and further education programs.

Therefore, there are two levels in the quality management system at TUM Graduate School:

In order to facilitate the processes related to the doctorate, structuring elements such as supervision agreements, kick-off meetings and feedback sessions were established that are aligned with the best international standards and strengthen the focus on the scientific core of the dissertation.

The quality of the organizational processes and procedures at the TUM Graduate School – in the committees, Graduate Centers and Management Office – is ensured through consistent process management, regular committee meetings, and reporting, controlling and evaluation. The work at TUM is subject to a continuous improvement process in order to meet legal regulations and efficiently utilize financial and personnel resources.