Launch of our new video series "Welcome To My Lab"

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Gain insights into the doctoral journey at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in our latest video series "Welcome To My Lab" featuring TUM doctoral candidates.

Learn more about Christina Dollinger and her research on YouTube!

What does a typical day in the laboratory or office of a doctoral candidate look like? What exactly does their scientific work entail? What kind of impact can their work generate?

A doctorate is a unique experience to be shaped by every single doctoral candidate in their way, and people who are looking to start their own paths to a doctorate can undoubtedly benefit from diverse insights into it. To provide those perspectives and answer your questions, we’re presenting our new video series “Welcome To My Lab”! In each episode, we invite one doctoral candidate to introduce their routine, research, motivations, impacts they aspire to achieve, and suggestions for those who’re considering starting such a career.

Join us for our very first episode featuring Christina Dollinger (M. Sc.) from the Chair of Ecosystem Dynamics and Forest Management in Mountain Landscapes at the TUM School of Life Sciences. The study of forests is extremely important for protecting the environment and climate, and Christina explained to us how her work addresses this very issue, which has been a constant source of motivation for her. She also talked about the kind of personal growth she experienced during her journey in academia.

Learn more about Christina’s research, the reason why TUM has been a good fit for her, and many more aspects of her career in the video on YouTube! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube for future episodes!