Welcome at TUM Graduate School

A doctorate – the individual research performed after a student’s coursework and the resulting academic title of Doctor – is traditionally one of the cornerstones that define a university. While this has not changed over the centuries, the process of earning a doctorate in Germany is currently undergoing some changes, among other things due to the Bologna Process at the European level. Graduate schools are being established everywhere to give doctoral programs a structural framework. The goal is not to create strictly regulated doctoral studies – the individual research project will remain the central focus. Instead, the idea is to carefully introduce structural elements that will accompany the doctoral program, support doctoral candidates on their path, offer them additional qualification measures, and achieve more efficient quality assurance.

The Technical University of Munich was, and still is, a pioneer in this exciting process. In 2009, it introduced the TUM Graduate School as an umbrella organization for all of its subject-specific graduate centers – the first graduate school in Germany that includes all of the subject areas, but also offers a comprehensive qualification program thanks to this diversity. Since January of 2014, all doctoral candidates at TUM are automatically part of the TUM Graduate School – regardless of whether they are employed by TUM, receive a scholarship, or are largely completing their doctoral degree externally (at different institution). On these pages, you can learn more about the TUM Graduate School, its various subject-specific and interdisciplinary Graduate Centers, and our offerings!

Why should I pursue a doctorate? This question, too, is not new, but perhaps it is asked more explicitly nowadays. When we search for an answer, it quickly becomes clear that many factors influence the decision for or against a doctorate: personal situation, career aspects, financial issues, the job market – both at the university and “outside.” There are also subject-specific differences. In some subject areas, a doctorate is practically considered a normal degree, while in others, people with doctorates are almost exotic. One thing, however, is important in every area: people should earn a doctorate because of their academic curiosity, their love of taking unexplored paths – because they want to find answers and solutions and are ready to dive deep into a topic to do so. If you feel that flame inside you, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to TUM, welcome to the TUM Graduate School – welcome to our site!

Hans-Joachim Bungartz

Graduate Dean