Special Kick-Off Seminar on 16 January 2024

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Due to an increased demand for kick-off dates caused by the pandemic, TUM Graduate School is offering a one-off, special Kick-Off seminar with 300 places. This date is open to all doctoral candidates who have been on the doctoral candidacy list for longer than 1 year. In particular, this date is intended for doctoral candidates who urgently need to attend the Kick-Off Seminar in order to complete their doctorate.

All other doctoral candidates please register for a Kick-Off Seminar in Raitenhaslach (registration possible from September 27, 2023) or register for our online seminars if you comply with the requirements.

A Kick-Off Seminar is comprised of Module 1 and Module 2. You have completed the Kick-Off only if you have attended both modules.

For organisational reasons, we have separated Module 1 and Module 2.

Registration Module 1

  • Module 1 consists of attending an online Zoom session on January 16, 2024.
  • Content: Networking & Good Scientific Practice.
  • Registration period: 02.11. - 20.11.2023.

Registration Module 2

  • For Module 2, select a course from our transferable skills program that takes place after January 16. The costs indicated on DocGS do not apply to you if the course is booked as Module 2. For organisational reasons, courses attended before January 16 cannot be credited as Module 2 of the Kick-Off Seminar.
  • In order to enable a speedy completion, the TUM Graduate School will reserve places for you in a special selection of courses from January 18 until the end of March (you will find the courses linked here from mid-October).
  • Registration period: 02.11. - 20.11.2023.
  • Please note: After the registration deadline, you can still also register for a course during the regular booking periods. However, these courses will be open to all interested doctoral candidates and there won't be a reserved number of places. You have until the end of September 2024 to book a course as Module 2. After that, your participation in Module 1 expires.

More information about the TUM-GS Kick-Off Seminar: Kick-Off Seminar - TUM Graduate School