Fireside chat: Global science, global career

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Become inspired and step forward in your career & professional development focussing on research! Be our guest at the panel discussion, jointly organized by the TUM Graduate School and the TUM Junge Akademie.

Fireside chat summer semester 2023 (image: TUM-GS)
Fireside chat summer semester 2023 (image: TUM-GS)

Many roads lead to a fulfilling career – no matter if staying in academia is your ultimate career goal or just a milestone towards industry employment or other purposes. However, one thing is certain. Irrespective of your chosen career path, there will be others competing for the same position or opportunity.

Are there unique features that make one stand out in a crowd in a fast-changing globalized world and international job market? Is there a ‘bucket list’ with things to do during the master’s program or doctorate that will increase employability after graduation? Should one focus on a single career path and pursue it no matter what, or is it better to go with the flow and see what happens? How can you best prepare for an international career?

Join our fireside chat and meet our panelists from very different personal and scientific backgrounds. Get inspired by their stories, personal experiences, and career choices while wondering about what surprising turns a seemingly flawless career may take.

Stay tuned for more details on the panelists. 

The event will take place on Thursday, 16 May 2024, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. at the TUM Think Tank, Hochschule für Politik, 1st floor, Richard-Wagner-Str. 1, 80333 Munich

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